Deaf Children Can Speak

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Yes, deaf children can speak, and if diagnosed early enough they can speak very, very well! The miracle of cochlear implants along with the right educational / training program can yield exceptional speech and language in today’s deaf children. Teaching children oral language is a three to five year commitment that each parent must commit to. An exceptional auditory oral program or auditory verbal program is a must, along with a highly skilled cochlear implant surgeon and pediatric audiologist. There are many pieces to put together but the results of oral education, given the right tools and commitment, are remarkable. With the technology available today, children can hear in the 15db – 20db range with exceptional auditory skills. These skills include hearing a clock tick, hearing the birds sing, and even hearing a faint whisper. Unbelievably, many deaf children can even differentiate rhyming words such as cat, pat, mat, hat etc. Of course every child is different and there is no guarantee, but if you as a parent choose oral speech as the modality for language there is a remarkable parents’ guide provided on this web site.

This book is written for parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children who absolutely want their child to communicate in a hearing world. It is written from the personal experience of one father who did everything possible to help his young deaf daughter acquire excellent speech, language and auditory skills. Along with exceptional hearing and speech, this remarkable child has perfect articulation and above-age-level cognitive skills! You will not find a more comprehensive, to-the-point parents’ guide that explains everything from insurance, the oral language process, the IFSP / IEP process, the necessary three to five year commitment, and everything that must be done at home. Four years of self education and searching for the right answers are in this 75 page step-by-step guide. Click here to download for free.

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How to Teach Oral Children
The Motivated Parent
How Much Therapy Should My Child Get?

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How to Obtain the Absolute Best Medical Outcomes for Children Using Oral Education
Why Children Fail with Oral Education

You can also obtain a paperback version of this book by emailing the author. The author is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

James Hall

Good luck on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to change a deaf child’s life forever.